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We brought home four belts U.S. Classic Open Kickboxing Tournament Virginia Beach PDF 

We brought 7 fighters to VA Beach for WAKO world championships on September 15-17, 2006 and brought home four belts.


WAKO U.S.Classic's numbers: 

1.) 308 Registered Fighters

2.) 50 Registered International Fighters

3.) 10 Received Visas

4.) Out of the 10 International Fighters only 2 came to fight

5.) 223 Total competitors showed up to fight

3.) 220 actually fought

4.) (195) Bouts were fought over three days

8.) (60) Belts were awarded to (60) U.S. Champions with (160) medal winners.

9.) Champions in attendance were Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace, Joe Corley, Mark Graden, Jim Graden, Eric Marshall, Tommy Battone, Ronnie Copeland

10.) Other notables Fred Fitzgerald, John Maynard,  Ray Thompson, Rob Z,  Michael Dean, Steve Mann, The Fighting Han Family Charles Baines, Clark Walters, Mike Hess, Danny Dring, Mike Allen, Roger Dabney, Gary Miles, Chris Manuel, Founder of WAKO Mike Anderson, and from WAKO-Australia Dean Bottomley.
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